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The ECA Esports Coaching Certificate Course

Become an expert coach ready to nurture the next generation of esports athletes

Welcome to the ECA.

At the Esports Coaching Academy we strive to create a healthy ecosystem for young, aspiring gamers to become better at gaming as well as becoming stronger individuals through participation in structured and positive teamwork.

In the following course you will learn about the history of esports as well as the modern landscape. You'll learn in what way esports are similar to traditional sports and also how the two differ.

We will go through why physical, mental and social trainings and mini-games should be a part of structured esports programs.

After going through this course you will be equipped with the knowledge of what esports is, know the most popular games and game types. You will be able to create a balanced esports training program consisting of physical, mental and social practice as well as in-game drills and free play.


 By the end of the course it is our hope that you will have developed a basic understanding of the following:

  • The history of esports and how it has evolved over time
  • What the different types of esports games are
  • The commonalities and differences between traditional sport and esports
  • The importance of esports training for the future of the esports industry
  • The purpose of esports training
  • How you should approach esports training for different age groups
  • How you should engage parents through your esports program
  • The physical attributes that matter for esports and why
  • The importance of educated and motivated coaches

It is our hope that with the above knowledge you are able to do the following:

  • Manage an esports course for any game according to ECA best practices!
  • Set up your esports practice curriculum using the core building blocks of an esports practice
  • Engage effectively with your students on esports, gaming and the role of physical fitness and mental toughness on performance
  • Educate students on where esports have come from and what the future might look like
  • Develop your esports program and set your future vision with support from the ECA staff
  • Motivate and engage students to approach games and esports in a healthier, more goal-oriented way
  • Engage parents to participate in their children's esports journey facilitating a healthy relationship to video games within the household